What Is a Winterization (a.k.a. "Blowout")?

Before every winter it is critical for the water to be eliminated from your sprinkler system. For your winterization appointment one of our technicians will arrive with a commercial-sized compressor and blow the water out of all your sprinkler system's lines to close it down for the season.


Properly winterizing your system will make sure it is protected during the off-season. We stand behind our winterizations with a 100% guarantee that we will fix any freeze damage to the sprinkler system caused by an improperly blown out system.


When Should I Schedule a Winterization?

We begin winterizing sprinkler systems at the end of September and continue through the end of October. Although freezing temperatures normally don't set in until the beginning of November, the typically cooler October temperatures make watering much less necessary.


In early to mid-September we send out postcards to current customers with a suggested day and time for your winterization appointment. We ask that you confirm or ask to change your suggested appointment time via phone or email. If you do not receive a postcard from us please contact us and we would be more than happy to schedule you for an appointment on a day when we are in the area.



Residential Blowout: $72 (1-6 Zones)

                                 $77 (7-12 Zones)

                                 $77 + $5 per Zone (For Each Zone Over 12 Zones)

*Additional fee applies for handling of lake, pond, or river pumps


Commercial Blowout: Rates vary by system. Please contact us for a quote.


Repairs: Due to the high volume of winterizations that need to be done in a relatively short blowout season, we ask that you make sure you system is in good working condition BEFORE your winterization appointment. Any repairs should be scheduled for a separate appointment preferably before the end of September or save them for the following spring if they do not prevent the blowout.

Call for Winterization

Minnesota: 651-774-1290

Wisconsin: 715-377-1430

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