The following section contains resources to help you better understand your sprinkler system. Although Lone Oak provides service to any sprinkler system equipment brand, the resources here are mostly for the Hunter products that our installation team primarily relies on.



Every automatic sprinkler system has a controller that allows you to tell your sprinkler system when you want it to run.


At Lone Oak we install the full line of Hunter controllers. All Hunter controller models, from those designed for small residential systems to the largest commercial properties, are industry leading in quality and ease of use.


To learn more about your Hunter controller and how to use it click the button below.



Rain Sensors


No one wants their sprinkler system to be running in the rain or when their yard is already wet.


An industry leading wired or wireless rain sensor will stop your system from running after there has been sufficient rainfall.


To learn more about the Irritrol rain sensor and how it works click below.

Rotary Heads


The workhorse of most sprinkler systems is the rotary head. This type of head rotates to achieve the desired watering coverage.


At Lone Oak we rely primarily on the Hunter PGP, known for its uniform water distribution, ease of adjustment, and long-term durability.


To learn more about your Hunter rotary heads and how to adjust them click the button below.



Solar Sync


The Hunter Solar Sync goes far beyond the simple on/off design of most rain sensors. Solar Sync measures sun intensity, temperature, and rainfall in order to make daily adjustments to watering times.


With Solar Sync, it is estimated that you will lower your sprinkler system's water use by 30% while achieving the same or better results in lawn quality.


To learn more about the Hunter Solar Sync click below.



Spray Heads and Nozzles


Spray heads are typically used to water areas that are too small for rotary heads. This type of head does not rotate, but rather continuously sprays in a fixed pattern.


A wide variety of nozzles available for spray heads allow us to achieve a spray radius of just a few degrees to 360 degrees.


To learn more about your Hunter spray heads and how to adjust them click the button below.



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