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Servicing Your System

Your sprinkler system is a mechanical machine with moving parts that wear down over time. If you ever have a broken sprinkler head, a leaking pipe, or any other problem with your sprinkler system, Lone Oak Irrigation's experienced service team is ready to resolve those problems for you.

Experience You Can Count On

Our service team has decades of experience fixing all types and sizes of sprinkler systems. No matter what the problem is with your sprinkler system our technicians can diagnose and correct it.

Our Rates

​We want to get the job done for you quickly and cost effectively. Although every repair is different, we want to be as clear as possible about our rates. Service calls are charged on a time and materials basis based on the following rates:


Trip Charge: $47 

Labor: $89 per Hour

Materials: Variable


To make things simpler we charge a flat fee for the two most common service visits. This includes the trip charge, labor, and materials:


Sprinkler Head Replacement: $60

Sprinkler Zone Valve Replacement: $120



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Minnesota: 651-774-1290

Wisconsin: 715-377-1430

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